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Sex Art – Gisha Forza Elevator Part 4


Horny lovers Gisha Forza and Alberto Blanco have to take the stairs when the elevator breaks down, as the fourth and final episode of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Elevator” begins. As soon as they’re inside Alberto’s apartment their mutual lust explodes in a flurry of passionate kisses and caresses, gorgeous redhead Gisha ending up lying on the bed with Alberto fondling her big breasts and sucking her stiffening nipples. He moves south to eat her shaved pussy, making her moan with delight as his tongue flickers up and down her succulent slit. Rolling on top, Gisha straddles him, pulling his huge, stiff cock out of his pants and cramming as much as she can into her mouth, gazing up at him as she sucks and strokes it. She rubs her wet pussy along it teasingly before guiding it inside her, taking it balls deep. Alberto squeezes her perfect peachy ass cheeks while she bucks up and down on his bone, gasping with arousal. They move into doggy, Alberto alternating between jackhammer thrusts and holding still to let Gisha fuck herself on his dick, until she has an intense orgasm. But Alberto’s far from finished, flipping Gisha onto her back, one leg over his shoulder, and slamming into her hard and fast until she climaxes again, before spraying his load over her pussy. It’s a fittingly hot finale to a highly satisfying series.

Date: August 14, 2018
Pornstars: Gisha Forza

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